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Answers to commonly asked questions about IBM LUM.
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  1. questionTroubleshooting configuration problems with IBM LUM
    An i4blt error suggests that your IBM LUM setup is incorrect and your license server must be configured properly. Otherwise, License Statistics will not work with IBM LUM. To troubleshoot IBM LUM issues, try running the i4blt troubleshooting commands listed in License server issues in the Licens ...

  2. questionWhich license managers does License Statistics support?
    If you are looking for information on license managers supported by License Statistics, please go to Supported license servers in the License Statistics Documentation. Please remember that any license manager that is not officially supported can be supported upon request.

  3. questionProblems running i4blt on Windows
    Improper functioning of i4blt utility on Windows may cause License Statistics to display an incorrect status of the license server. For more information about this problem and suggested steps to resolve it, please see IBM LUM in the License Statistics Documentation.

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